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As a Mom Do You Have the Right to Pursue Your Dreams and Desires?

As women, we often struggle with the belief that it is selfish to pursue our own dreams and desires. Mothers, in particular, often believe that anything that takes time and energy away from their families is harmful to their families. What if the opposite is true? What if not pursuing your dream or desire is harming your family? These dreams and desires are the longings of our souls. Why do you suppose we have these longings if we aren’t meant to pursue them? To live a fulfilling life, you are required to pursue your dreams and desires.

When we deny ourselves the opportunity to pursue our dreams and desires we become filled with resentment and regret. These two emotions can take over your life. Resentment affects those around you. When you are filled with resentment, you believe everyone else is supposed to make up for your lost dreams and you make them pay the price. Regret is a heavy energy that is difficult to disentangle from and it impacts you for the rest of your life. You carry this with you forever and it overshadows everything you do.

These energies are a heavy burden for the important people in your life to carry and cope with. It is much healthier for you and your family for you to pursue your dreams and desires. Pursuing them will increase your level of happiness. Your family will benefit from this.

In addition to feeling resentment and regret, if you are not pursuing your dreams, especially as a mother, you are showing your children that there is no point in having dreams as an adult because you will never get to fulfill them anyway. If you want your children to dream big, you must pursue your own dreams and desires. Doing so will inspire your children to do the same.

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