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Are you looking to get out of your rut (or the pit of hell as it was for me)?


Are you depleted, exhausted, angry and resentful because you are carrying everyone and not living out any of your dreams and desires? Has it been so long since you thought about your dreams and desires that you no longer remember what they are?

Are you a visitor in your own life? Do you feel trapped?


Are you afraid to be willing to be seen in case someone wants more from you?


I totally get it.


I was living that way. I lost years of my life caring for and carrying different members of my family. I don’t know how I ended up in the pit of this hell but it just became the way I was.


By the time I had experienced my third major burn-out, I knew I needed to live my life differently. Bit by bit, piece by piece, I began to find and embody information that led me out of the nightmare that was my life.


I no longer carry anyone through their life. I discovered that not only did I have the right to set boundaries but that they were required in order for me to have healthy interactions with those around me and for me to live the life of my desires.


I discovered information that now helps me live in the energy of ease. I didn’t even know that one could live in the energy of ease because that certainly wasn’t my experience up to that point. Imagine living your life in the energy of ease instead of the energy of struggle, anger, exhaustion and regret.


I found out how to feel safe in my body and in my life instead of always being in fight, flight or freeze. Until that point in time, I had no idea that we were supposed to feel calm and safe in our bodies. I was so beyond being in the state of high alert within myself that I thought that that was how women lived.


I now know how to live in the present and in my conscious mind instead of living robotically and mainly in my subconscious mind.


I know how to help you live this way as well.


One of my deep pleasures is learning. I love learning new information that helps women thrive and I love to share this information with women. That is why I started writing The Thriving Woman’s Guide to™ series. These are quick-read books packed with guidance to help you, as a woman, thrive in different situations.


I love learning about how we, as women, can manage our energy – not just our physical energy, but our mental, emotional, psychological, psychic and spiritual energy. I love to learn about how we can work with our biochemistry so that we feel vitality and thrive instead of feeling exhausted and depleted all the time.


I am passionate about helping women live lit up lives. Living a lit up life is our birthright. It just got lost somewhere along the way. I love to see women thrive and live the life they desire.


As I live the life of my desires, it gives you permission to live the life of your desires. As you live the life of your desires, it gives other women the permission to live the life of their desires and on and on it goes. This is how it is supposed to be. As women, we are meant to show the way to other women so they can show the way to others.


Are you ready to take back your life and thrive? Give me a call or fill out the contact form and let’s get started.

Kim Buck

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