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Energy Healing Services

Perhaps what you require right now is energy healing. I offer energy healing services independent of coaching to help you feel better emotionally and physically.


I offer 3 different healing services, depending on what you require. I offer Emotion Code sessions, Body Code sessions and T3 sessions. Both Emotion Code and Body Code sessions are 25-minute distance energy healing sessions done by phone. T3 sessions are 90 minutes and are also distance energy healing sessions done by phone.


Energy healing is beneficial for:


Emotional issues

Relationship challenges

Helping you learn

Helping you pass exams at school or professional certifications

Physical issues – pain (knee, back, neck, etc), chronic conditions (chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia), IBD, migraines


Weight issues

Achieving goals

Mental health issues

Self esteem – increasing your sense of value, worthiness and deserving



Hormonal issues

Releasing your nightmare without reliving it


Energy healing is also beneficial for your children and can help with these additional challenges:



Learning challenges

Vaccine issues

Sports injuries




A brief description of each:


The Emotion Code


Emotion Code sessions identify and release trapped emotions. Trapped emotions can make us feel stuck emotionally and physically and can block us from maintaining good health, creating abundance, attracting love, having authentic relationships or prevent us from achieving our goals.


If you would like to book an Emotion Code session, please fill out the contact form on the Contact page or call me at 403-255-3235.


The Body Code


The Body Code goes deeper to find and correct imbalances. Any kind of imbalance can create any kind of symptom/sickness. Releasing these imbalances supports the natural ability of the body to heal itself.


If you would like to book a Body Code session, please fill out the contact form on the Contact page or call me at 403-255-3235.


Three Dimensional Therapy or T3

Three Dimensional Therapy (T3) is a form of energy healing that can be life-changing. It utilizes The Emotion Code and The Body Code to clear undetected deep-rooted faulty core beliefs that block your ability to manifest your deepest desires. This elegant healing system changes your sabotaging thought patterns and can transform your life. The replacement of your faulty core belief system with empowering core beliefs promotes peace, harmony and balance within your body, enabling you to achieve or receive your heart’s desires.


If you would like to book a T3 session, please fill out the contact form on the Contact page or call me at 403-255-3235.


In case you wanted to know more:


Do You Have Trapped Emotions?


Do you have trapped emotions? Bizarre question, right? The next question is, “so what?” The answer is that a single, trapped emotion can create both physical and emotional problems for you.


Scientists have known for years that emotions are simply chemical events that occur in the body. The brain interprets these different chemical events as different emotions.


Typically, emotions are experienced and processed fully. Sometimes emotions aren’t processed completely and the energy of the emotion somehow becomes trapped within your physical body. It is generally when you go through something stressful that this occurs. This can be from something simple like being stuck in traffic or from something more traumatic like going through a divorce. According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code process, you can even have trapped emotions from your parents’ stressful life events like a heated argument, a job loss, or their divorce. This is true for your children as well.


Everything in the universe is made of energy. Albert Einstein proved this years ago. This means that at their core, emotions are energy. Energy needs to flow optimally for optimal well-being. When emotions don’t process fully this energy becomes trapped.


Trapped emotions are like balls of energy. They are invisible but they exist. They have been measured to range in size from an orange to a melon. This trapped energy can occur anywhere in your body – in a muscle, an organ, a bone, etc. This can lead to unexplained pain, diminished functioning, behavioural changes and so on.



What kind of imbalances are identified and released?


The Body Code was created by Dr. Brad Nelson, a holistic chiropractor, as a complete wellness system. Imbalances in 6 different areas can create any kind of symptom/sickness or disharmony in relationships, work, finances etc. These imbalances include pathogens (viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc); misalignments (skeletal misalignments or any kind of gland/organ/connective tissue misalignment), nutritional and lifestyle imbalances; energy imbalances (allergies, traumas, emotional issues); toxins (environmental, food, medication/vaccines) and imbalances in any of the 12 systems in the body (immune system, circulatory system, digestive system, etc). Once the imbalance is identified, it is released at the energy level. There are usually several imbalances creating the particular situation at hand.



Creating the Life You Desire


Three Dimensional Therapy (T3) was created by Gwen Legler and Leilani Alexander as a healing system to uncover and release the three levels of hidden thinking that keep you from living the life you desire. T3 identifies and releases negative programs, limiting beliefs and a faulty core belief system. The negative programs are like leaves on a tree. These programs are held in place by limiting beliefs, which are like tree branches. The limiting beliefs are held in place by faulty core beliefs, which are like the roots of a tree. Once the leaves, branches and roots are released, positive programs can be installed followed by strengthening beliefs and an empowering core belief system enabling you to live the life you desire.




Disclaimer: Energy Healing is not a substitute for medical care. If you need medical attention seek appropriate medical care.


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