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High Performance Energy Consulting - 

a Division of The Catalyst Group International Inc.

I work with high performance, elite level athletes (female and male) to help them improve their results.



Using energy healing techniques:


Self-sabotage, self-doubt, incorrect mental images, negative thinking and blocks that are creating diminished performance can be cleared.

Individuals can be strengthened to their goals and what stands in the way of achieving these goals can be identified and released.

Misalignments can be addressed. For example, a hockey player's shoulders may not align optimally for scoring a goal. A golfer's hips may be out of alignment with sinking a putt. These misalignments can be corrected.

Individuals can be strengthened to the team so the team performs optimally.

Injuries can be healed faster. Underlying reasons why injuries aren't healing can be released.

All energy consulting is done by phone and the energy healing is distance healing so I can work with elite athletes anywhere.

Contact me at 403-255-3235 to find out how I can help you raise your performance.

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