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How Being in Your Conscious Mind Helps You Achieve Your Dreams and Desires

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, author of The Honeymoon Effect – The Science of Creating Heaven on Earth, the conscious mind is your creative mind and is the source of your dreams and desires.

The moment you start thinking, you are no longer in your conscious mind. You are now operating from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind contains all of your default programming, which is the patterning and behaviors of other people, and the desires and dreams of other people – your parents, your teachers, and anyone who had influence over you when you were young.

At this point, you are running the same patterns and behaviors as your parents, etc, and you are running their dreams and desires. Your subconscious mind does not contain your dreams and desires. It contains other people’s dreams and desires.

You need to be in your conscious mind where your dreams and desires are contained in order for you to pursue your dreams and desires.

According to Dr. Lipton, a typical day looks like this. Ninety-five percent of the day our mind is thinking which means that for 95 percent of our day we run programs that contain other people’s beliefs and behaviors. Seventy percent of these programs are negative and self-sabotaging. What all of this means is that we spend 95 percent of our day not in our dreams and desires.

No wonder it is so hard for us to pursue our dreams and desires. If you stay mindful and present, you are in your conscious mind and you are able to manifest your dreams and desires.

To create your dreams and desires, you need to operate from your creative mind, your conscious mind. You do this by being mindful and being in the present and by changing the subconscious programming you have going on.

Excerpt from The Thriving Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries

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