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Structure and Stillness or Flow and Let Go: Balancing Your Masculine and Feminine Energies

Women who are scattered all over the place need to bring in some structure and organization in order for their lives to flow more easily.

Women often think that if they bring some stillness into their lives, everything would be much better. Stillness is a masculine energy.

If you feel like you are here, there and everywhere, stillness in the form of meditation or simply sitting quietly for a few minutes would be beneficial. This helps pull you together and brings your energy into one place. Organizing something like your wallet or a drawer would help pull you together as well.

Women whose lives are very scheduled and highly organized wouldn’t benefit from this stillness. Women in this energy require to let go of the tight grip they have on everything and everyone and have some playtime.

Women who are always in the go, go, go energy need to bring in some flow and allow life to happen without planning every minute of it. They also need to allow others’ lives to flow without their interference of it.

Play is a feminine energy. It creates flow. Women in this energy also benefit from some light, easy dancing. Especially beneficial is swaying your hips in a figure eight motion. This brings energy into the creative center in your body, which is located in your lower pelvis. It helps to bring in more flow in your body and releases some of the constriction that you are feeling.

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