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Seeing the Beauty Around You and Self-Care: Is There a Connection?

Struggling with self-care? Life getting you down? Do something simple - see the beauty in the world around you.

Seeing the beauty in the world around you will do a number of things for you. First, it will lift you out of darkness. I received this suggestion from Tara Marino of Elegant Femme at a time when my husband and I had just experienced a traumatic loss. My world seemed quite dark and without much hope at the time. Tara’s suggestion of looking for and appreciating the beauty around me helped me see light when it didn’t feel like there was any.

Second, when you notice the beauty around you, you actually receive energy from whatever you are looking at and you stimulate the pleasure centers in your brain, which release dopamine, the pleasure hormone. So, you feel better as well.

Third, in addition to beauty helping you to see light and feel better, having the intention to see and then actually look for the beauty around you requires you to be mindful.

When you are mindful, you are present. When you are present, you are in your conscious mind, which is your creative mind. When you are in your conscious, creative mind, you are able to focus on your dreams and desires.

As well, when you set an intention and follow through, you build trust with yourself. As you build trust with yourself, you release oxytocin. As you release oxytocin, you feel safe. As you feel safe, you can create your dreams and desires.

Seeing the beauty around you activates this delicious, beautiful circle of well-being and provides the space in which to create your dreams and desires. This is fabulous self-care.

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