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Ready to Live a More Peaceful, Engaged Life?

The Thriving Woman's Way Seminars Presents

Setting Boundaries The Thriving Woman's Way

6 Weeks to a More Peaceful, Engaged Life

Live, Webinar Series

Tuesday, May 17th - Tuesday, June 21st

12:00PM EDT


* How you became the Dependable Woman. * How to move out of being the Dependable Woman. * How to live in your natural essence. * What the Master Boundary is. * Additional ways to increase oxytocin so you can move into the energy of ease and out of the energy of fight, flight or freeze.

You will also discover:

* The importance of your time and how the way you treat it is being reflected back to you by the way others treat it. * How different ways of looking at safety will increase ability to live in the energy of ease. * How asking the rights questions will help you say NO. * How you can “Be” in self-care instead of having to “Do” self-care.

Join us for this 6 week journey

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This 6-week program is for you if you:

Are feeling hopeless, helpless and powerless to change your life,

Have had enough of being the Dependable Woman and you are looking for a way to live differently and in the energy of ease,

If you are ready to start to thrive,

Know how you are living right now is killing you and you know you need to do things differently,

Want to uncover the glue that is keeping you stuck, exhausted, miserable and defeated,

Want to feel less stressed, less run-down, less depleted.

Join us for this 6 week journey

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