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Simple Actions to Decrease Your Stress

Stress is the feeling you get when you feel like you don’t have the capacity to cope with what is going on. When you are energetically stronger, you simply feel better and you can handle the world more easily.

When energy flows in your body better, you have a greater capacity to cope. As you increase your capacity to cope, your stress goes down.

Here are a couple of simple actions you can do to make yourself energetically stronger. You can do these actions daily to increase the flow of energy in your body.

First, whether you are sitting or standing, turn your toes in. Energy flows in circles. When the circuitry in your body is intact, energy flows freely and reinforces itself making you stronger and healthier. When you turn your toes in, you keep the circuitry strong. When you turn your toes out, the energy drains out of you. You just need to turn your toes in a bit. You are not trying to rearrange your ankles.

Vertical lines also make you stronger while horizontal lines make you weaker. You can create a vertical line on your body by holding your hands in a prayer or namaste position. Notice how this position increases your feelings of peace and centeredness. Now if you crossed your arms you are weakening yourself. Can you feel the difference?

If you put these two actions together for a few minutes, you will really power up your energy and increase your capacity to cope. So, turn your toes in and put your hands in prayer position. Allow yourself to feel the power and alignment of this.

Put your attention on this several times throughout the day and experience how your capacity to cope has gone up dramatically. Teach this to your kids as well. Help them be powerful throughout their day.

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