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Do You Compromise?

People generally think there needs to be compromise in relationships. Is compromise a good thing?

Think about compromise. Does it have a good feeling to it? Does this leave you feeling less than?

Compromise takes a piece of you away. It diminishes you. A compromise is not a healthy choice because you are not choosing this option. You are being forced into this option. It makes you feel like you are giving up a piece of yourself.

Prior to me setting boundaries with my husband, I was always compromising. Are you saying yes to something just to make or keep everyone happy even though this really doesn’t work for you? If so, you are compromising.

Concessions, on the other hand are healthy responses to a situation.

Feel how the word concession feels. It feels open.

It feels like you have a choice. Are you open to this option? Are you receptive to this option? Do you feel content after accepting this option? Do you feel you are still whole? Do you feel heard?

Concessions are healthy and powerful as long as you aren’t the only person in the relationship that is constantly making concessions. If this is the case, then you are settling – settling for less than you deserve, less than you desire.

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