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Self-Judgment and Self-Care: Is There a Connection?

Self-judgment is a way to hide out. It is a way to avoid feeling in your body. If you want to feel good physically, mentally and emotionally, you need to feel. You need to feel to heal and self-judgment prevents that.

Self-judgment allows you to go into your story. Your story is about your past and it is stored as cellular memories on the surface of your cells all over your body.

Judgment of your inner “stuff” is like a drop of glue that keeps your story stuck in place.

Are you judging yourself to avoid the sting of the judgments of others? Are you allowing other people to judge you?

Once you stop judging your past and simply interact with it on an energy level, the glue begins to dissolve and the energy that was contained in it is liberated.

Make a decision to stop judging yourself and to stop allowing other people to have a say in how you live your life. This is great self-care.

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