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Shut Off Your Overactive Stress Response

Your stress response is your fight or flight response and once it is chronically activated it becomes your way of being.

The stress response starts in your gut. If it never shuts off, the lining of your intestines becomes inflamed, making it impossible for the stress response to shut off.

Healing the inflammation in the lining of your intestines will help you shut off your overactive stress response.

A great way to heal this inflammation is by drinking fermented drinks such as Kefir or Kombucha. These drinks are loaded with several different probiotics, beneficial enzymes, B vitamins and Omega-3 fatty acids. All of these help restore the health of your gut in general and your intestines in particular.

*Important note about fermented foods and drinks – If you take prescription antidepressant medications, talk with your health care provider. People taking certain antidepressants need to avoid eating or drinking fermented foods. The combination is deadly.

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