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Taking Care of Yourself - What Does It Mean?

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean that you spend all day every day tending to yourself at the expense of your job and everyone in your inner circle. It means establishing healthy limits on what you do for others and having healthy expectations of what you require others to do for themselves. It means saying no to the activities that drain you and bring you no joy. Taking care of yourself also means that you need to do those things for yourself that you always expect others to do for you. Taking care of yourself means that you take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries and you invest your time in ways that enliven you.

In terms of resources, time is your most precious resource. Time is finite. You only have a certain amount of it while you are here on earth. All other resources – energy, money, attention, focus - can be replenished and replaced. Be very, very protective of your time and invest it in ways that enrich your life. Don’t spend it in ways that deplete your life force. When you spend your time with people who don’t matter, doing things that deplete you and having experiences that make you resentful and hostile, you aren’t taking care of yourself. When you invest your time in people, activities and experiences that matter to you and lift you up, you are taking care of yourself.

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