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12 Signs You Need Boundaries For the Holidays and Beyond

1. You are full of resentment.

2. You seem to be way more exhausted than the people around you.

3. You can’t remember the last time you said no.

4. Your energy is leaking all over the place.

5. You have no time or space to pursue your dreams and desires.

6. You are living in an adrenaline state.

7. You are bitchy and the people around you perceive you as a bitch.

8. You are always reacting instead of responding to situations.

9. You use up all of your attention units making decisions for everyone around you.

10. Your electronic devices are always on.

11. You feel like you are competing with everyone around you.

12. You require the approval of others.

Honestly, if you ticked off just one of these signs it means you need boundaries and you need them now.

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