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Build Up Your Capacity For Pleasure

As a society, we have bought into the notion of “no pain, no gain”. This is actually a harmful belief, especially for women. This mindset says that to move forward, it must hurt first.

Feel into this for a minute. Does this way of thinking even inspire you to take action? It doesn’t inspire me to take action. I don’t want to experience hurt before something good comes my way.

The truth is that we can only build up our capacity for pleasure. This builds up a reservoir of energy we can use in times of difficulty. We cannot, nor should we want to, build up our capacity for pain.

If you increase your capacity for experiencing pleasure, you will be able to cope more easily when something painful happens and you will be able to recover faster when the painful experience is over.

If your life is devoid of pleasure, you don’t have much energy available to deal with life’s valleys.

Do at least one thing every day that pleases you. Keep adding to this so that you get to a point where your day is filled with pleasure. The delight of this will help you feel lifted up.

Build up a reservoir of pleasure and delight. This will keep you centered when life knocks you off balance.

Excerpt from The Thriving Woman’s Guide to Setting Boundaries

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