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14 Tips For Thriving Through the Holidays – Bonus Tip #1


Laughing is wonderful self-care. Even though it may feel like there is nothing to laugh at laughing is an incredibly powerful way to change your state of being.

It is well-documented that laughing:

- lowers blood pressure

- increases vascular blood flow and oxygenation of the blood

- gives a workout to the diaphragm and to the abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg and back muscles

- reduces certain stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline

- increases the response of tumor and disease-killing cells such as Gamma-interferon and T-cells

- defends against respiratory infections and can reduce the frequency of colds

- increases memory and learning

- improves alertness, creativity and memory

Even fake laughing will give you the benefits of laughter.

Find something funny to laugh at and give yourself permission to laugh for a few minutes. Your body needs this. If you laugh for 10 minutes, you will feel like you are on top of the world.

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