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Self-Care and Intuition: Is There a Connection?

Your intuition, or your inner knowing, is your connection to the Divine and the field of all there is. It is the loving voice that warns you of danger and keeps you safe. It is also the voice that guides you towards your soul’s desires.

It starts out as a whisper. If you listen to your inner knowing at this point, your life will flow forward with ease. If you ignore this whisper, your inner knowing will raise the volume of the message and will bring you people, experiences and situations that will draw your attention to the message. If you continue to ignore the voice, it will come at you like a big truck that is about to run you over.

Beautiful self-care is listening to your inner voice when it is a whisper. If your inner voice tells you to rest, rest. If it tells you to turn at the next corner, follow that guidance. Following your inner voice builds trust with yourself.

If your inner voice is harsh or mean or defeating, know that this is not your intuition speaking to you. This is your ego speaking to you. Your ego is full of fear and wants everything to stay the same. Your ego keeps you feeling small and afraid.

In order to develop your intuition, you need to raise your vibration. Laugh more. Let go of the emotional baggage that keeps you weighed down. Avoid listening to the news. Limit low vibrating forms of entertainment, including playing video games and watching violence on TV. Limit your TV watching in general. As well, staying away from people who always complain is a great way to ensure you are not in a low vibrating environment.

Your intuition wants the best for you and constantly guides you to become the greatest version of yourself. Becoming the greatest version of yourself is beautiful self-care.

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